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My name is Roger A. Price a crime fighter turned crime writer. I used to right the wrongs but now I write the wrongs. Ok, enough with the puns, but I do love language and playing with it, I guess all writers do.

I spent over thirty years in the police retiring as a detective inspector in charge of a covert undercover drugs unit which achieved national acclaim. I served on various units and squads and saw service across the UK, Europe and beyond. I can't write about those events but I can base my crime fiction writing from my many experiences of them. Some of which were good, some not so good.

My first two novels are in the 'Burrows and Lee' series; 'By Their Rules' and 'A New Menace' and chart the adventures of Jane Lee and John Burrows in their work for the secretive 'Special Projects Unit' where they take on the bad guys with no rules of engagement.

'NEMESIS' is the first in the new 'Badge and the Pen' series which follows the fortunes of detective inspector Vinnie Palmer who finds an unlikely ally in TV news reporter Christine Jones, as they chase common threats but from very different agendas.

'NEMESIS' is published by Endeavour Press in paper back and e-book formats. Further releases in the series are under way. That is not to say Burrows and Lee won't reappear, because they will, so those fans who have been kind enough to tell me how much you love them, fear not. Though if you liked Burrows and Lee I'm hopeful you'll love Pamer and Jones too.

For more information on my books please visit the books page on my website and for current news and live updates please connect with me via my various social media accounts accessible through the contacts page on this site. You can also follow or comment via my blog Thanks for stopping by and if you try one of my books please let me know what you think. One thing I can promise you is fast, pacy action populated by characters that stay with you in a narrative that'll rip you through the pages. I write the way I like to read.